Portrait & Fashion


1. Portrait photography in the studio and outside. Different styles: glamour, fashionable image, beauty, business portrait, etc.


2. Professional portfolio for creative professions, from simple business cards to creating complex images!


3. A set of family pictures for your album to remember for years to come.

Photowalks & Travel


1. A detailed pictorial report of your walks to the most famous places in London. This is a unique opportunity for visitors to get some beautiful pictures of you at tourist attractions like the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens, Greenwich, the City of London and its magnificent parks..

2. Photowalk for sweethearts! Story of your love captured and told by photographer.

3. Personal photographer for your entire trip, accompanying honeymoons, family and single holidays. Also portrait and fashion
shoots on location.


Characters & Retro


1. Magical transformation into your favourite characters from the movies and literature. Try on the image of your favourite actor or actress!
Imagine yourself as the unrivalled Lara Croft or the charming Audrey Hepburn! Be a handsome Bond .. James Bond!


2. Welcome to the past! Retro image - a truly unique opportunity to represent yourself in different times.




1. Closed area for the elite. Only for him and her .. and their photographer!


2. Mystery of boudoir photography for the true aristocrat.



1. Events, concerts, private parties and celebrations.

2. Freelance photo-journalist for events large or small.